Brian Madden - vocals

Brian Madden


On my gigs there has to be something other than the "same-old."

Anybody can do that, but with my emcee background, there's always some chatter with the audience. Hardly anyone gives information about the music, such as the composer, the lyricist, and other comments, all done within a minute or two so as not to get boring about it.

Too many performers just play away as if there is no audience. Tsk tsk.

I've always sung, mainly because Lester Young taught us to know the lyrics of the music even if you don't sing them. Listening to Frank, Bing, Mr. B, Sarah, Billie, and Ella, even Wynonie Harris, doesn't hurt. A good time needs to be had by all, so sing-on we must and make sure the lyrics can be understood. Shouting and screaming ain't in my bag.

As for scat singing, I do it my way, uniquely.

To paraphrase Muhammad Ali:  "Come one, come all, to the BB Ball..."

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