Utica Jazz is a small, not for profit, online community for jazz musicians in Central NY.  Originally the brainchild of Jeremy Yaddaw, and now run by local musician Corey Colmey, our sole purpose is to allow fellow musicians to connect and learn about the rich heritage we have in this region.  Whether you are looking to learn about jazz, connect with other players, find a teacher, or stay up to date on the latest performances in your area, you’ll find it here.  

How can we help?

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  • Are you a frequent concert goer? Feel free to submit a concert review to be included on the site.
  • Do you write CD reviews? Contact us and we’d love to feature a write-up of one of our artists.
  • Are you a photographer and would like to contribute some of your work? 
  • Are you an artists and would like to contribute to our site? 

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